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Punchbag / Bokszak Tarpaulin – 120cm




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Over het product.

The Forza black Tarpaulin punching bag with Forza logo is made of the extremely strong material Tarpaulin. This material is a top quality durable synthetic leather and is water repellent to waterproof. This makes the Forza black Tarpaulin punching bag extremely suitable for outdoor training . The punching bag has 4 suspension points and each suspension point is strategically attached in 4 places for an ideal force distribution during training. The supplied four-point chain ensures that the Forza black Tarpaulin punching bag can be hung properly and firmly, with a swivel you ensure that the punching bag can rotate and there is much less force on the chains (the swivel is available separately).

The Forza black Tarpaulin punching bag has a textile mix filling of strong leather, latex, polyester and cotton. The composition of the filling is composed to be able to absorb punches and kicks perfectly. Combined with a length of 120cm, this punching bag is very suitable for boxing and kickboxing training, among other things, and is very pleasant for both amateurs and advanced fighters.

The suspension point is important, because the punching bag has a weight of 35 kg, the Forza advice is to take into account a beam or ceiling that is strong enough to be able to carry a punching bag. 

Product Features

    • Durable and very strong Tarpaulin (synthetic leather)
    • Black. with Forza logo
    • top quality
    • Four point chain
    • Reinforcing suspension points
    • Water repellent to waterproof
    • Suitable for outdoor workouts
    • Packed in very sturdy transparent plastic
    • Textile mix filling
    • 120cm length

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